There are now over 1,082,000 dentists across the US. Not every dentist in Lexington specializes in treating kids, though. Before scheduling your child’s next appointment, make sure to find a qualified kids’ dentist.

Why should you take your child to Beaumont Family Dentistry to visit one of the best dentists for kids in town? Read on to find out.

After discovering the benefits of visiting a kids’ dentist, you can make a more informed choice with your child’s needs in mind. 

1. Specialized Training

Pediatric dentists are required to complete specialized training in order to work on young jaws and teeth. Their training ensures they’re suitable to provide safer, more effective solutions for younger patients. 

You can feel confident choosing a dentist who has the experience and expertise necessary to improve your child’s oral care. 

In fact, your child might not feel comfortable around a general dentist. Dentists who lack training with younger patients don’t always know how to speak with younger patients. As a result, they sometimes struggle to put young children at ease. 

These dentists can even make a child’s dental anxiety worse if they’re unfamiliar with treating kids. A child might pick up on the dentist’s anxiety before feeling nervous themselves.

Before choosing a dentistry practice, make sure to check the dentist’s credentials. Look for someone with years of hands-on experience treating children. Consider how long they’ve specialized in pediatrics.

Check their credentials as well.

The dentist will first need to receive their bachelor’s degree. Then, they’ll meet the requirements for the dental school they choose to attend.

From there, they’ll need to earn their Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine. Both degrees require four years of education, minimum.

Then, the dentist will need to complete two years of residency to gain hands-on experience in the industry. During this time, they’ll learn how to treat and help patients.

After completing an exam, they’ll finally receive their license.

Reviewing the dentist’s credentials can help you feel more confident in their ability to treat your child. 

2. Happier Kids

Visiting the dentist is sometimes stressful for children. In fact, about 36% of the population suffers from dental anxiety. If your child suffers from dental anxiety, a dentist might struggle to thoroughly check and clean their teeth.

Your child’s dental anxiety could put their oral health at risk if they’re not receiving thorough treatment.

Instead of taking your child to see a general dentist, visit your kid-family dentist in Lexington.

Pediatric dentists understand the anxieties children experience when sitting in the exam chair. As a result, these dentists know how to help children feel comfortable, calm, and even happier during appointments.

Easing your child’s dental anxiety could help them feel excited about their next cleaning. They’ll want to show off their pearly whites or new adult teeth. 

Choosing a Lexington pediatric dentist will ensure your child’s comfort at every stage in their appointment. The staff and hygienists are trained to help children, too. The soothing techniques we use will ensure your child feels comfortable.

Ensuring their comfort will make it easier for them to receive the treatment they need.

3. Increased Awareness

Certain habits can cause dental issues later in life, including thumb-sucking and teeth grinding. These issues can impact your child’s teeth into adulthood. Choosing the best pediatric dentist in Lexington is essential. 

An experienced kids’ dentist will have a better understanding of these habits than a general dentist. As a result, they’re able to help you develop creative ways to stop this behavior.

Working with a dentist that understands how children develop and behave can help you discover the best ways to improve your child’s oral health. 

Your child’s body will continue changing, even as they’re in their teen years. For example, their jaws will continue to move, develop, and change shape. These changes can impact their bite and ability to chew.

Many changes happen quickly while patients are young. Working with a pediatric dentist will ensure your child receives the necessary care as they develop. You can work with a single family dentist as your child continues into their teen years.

Sticking with the same dentist over time can further ensure your child’s comfort. They won’t have to adapt to visiting and learning to trust a new dentist. 

4. A Welcoming Environment

If your child is nervous about their first dental visit, a cold, sterile medical environment won’t put them at ease. Visit the best pediatric dentist in Lexington before your child’s first appointment. Make sure the waiting room and exam rooms are suitable and inviting for children.

Visiting a kid-friendly dentist can put your child at ease before they even enter the exam room. While they remain in the waiting room, they can play with toys and read books. The bright, cheerful patterns and colors can help them feel safe and comfortable.

They won’t associate their oral health with a cold, scary environment. Instead, they’ll feel comfortable before their first appointment.

How your child feels before their first check-up can set the precedence for future checkups.

Remember, if your child is nervous or uncomfortable, they’re less likely to behave during cleanings. They won’t receive the oral healthcare they need.

5. Prevention and Preparation

Remember, pediatric dentists specialize in primary teeth. As a result, they’ll also know how to help you prepare for certain situations related to your child’s oral health.

For example, they can help you determine how to improve your child’s diet. They can help you find new, fun ways to encourage your child to brush their teeth, too. A pediatric dentist can help you take a preventative, proactive approach.

As a parent, you’ll feel more prepared to help your child maintain proper oral hygiene. 

Brush Up: Take Your Child to a Kids’ Dentist Today

Visiting a kids’ dentist can help your child feel more comfortable about routine appointments. You don’t have to take them to a cold, sterile environment that might trigger dental anxiety. Instead, consider visiting the best dentist for kids in Lexington.

Our team at Beaumont Family Dentistry can’t wait to see you both.

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