Dental care is a critical part of your child’s development. About 60% of kids have a cavity once they reach 12 or older.

Finding a dynamite dentist in your local area can help you take care of your child’s oral health more than anything else. Maybe you’re asking, “How can I find a pediatric dentist near me?” We’ve got you covered.

Keep reading so that you can learn all about finding the best Lexington pediatric dentist.

1. What Is the Current State of My Child’s Oral Health?

The best pediatric dentist to hire is the one that can give you the most helpful feedback about your child’s oral health.

Knowing the current state of your child’s teeth and gums will help you take care of them throughout the years. Their dentist will let you know how their teeth are growing in and can forecast any issues related to crowding or misalignments.

There are typically several warning signs before decay and periodontal disease. Develop a rapport and stick to at least one visit every year.

During the appointment, the dentist will offer X-Rays, provide teeth cleaning, and off preventative treatment that can protect you from cavities.

2. What Should I Know About Their Developmental Stages?

Find a pediatric dentist that can explain the different stages of development that your child will go through.

The main stages of development that you need to know about include the bud, cap, bell, crown, and eruption stages. Start taking your baby to the dentist as soon as they begin noticing signs of teething and their first birthday at the latest.

When you understand the characteristics of each stage, you’ll be prepared for everything each brings. A pediatric dentist can also guide you through all your child’s adolescent stages.

3. What Is Your Education and Dental Background?

When looking for professional dental care, you’ll need to research their training and educational background.

Find out where they went to dental school and how long they have been licensed. Knowing the dentist’s background will put you at ease about the care they provide.

Do some background into any professional awards they have received or organizations they belong to. Learn about whether or not they’ve had any issues with the dental board or with their business.

4. Do You Accept My Dental Insurance Provider?

Always find out if the dentist accepts your dental insurance coverage. Having an active plan can help you pay for all your child’s care and will come in handy if they ever need any special procedures.

You might pay about $500 per year or more for dental insurance premiums. Make sure to choose an insurance plan that will take care of your child’s preventative care visits and any extensive care they need.

Choose a quality dental coverage plan each year during open enrollment and cover all your kids.

5. Do You Offer Specialist Care?

There’s always a possibility that your child will eventually need braces or oral health surgery. About 4 million people today wear braces.

Understanding the likelihood that your child might need braces will help you deal with it. Many pediatric clinics provide comprehensive care, including orthodontist visits.

Other dental professionals that don’t provide orthodontist care can refer you to a specialist within their network. You’ll also have referrals for any dental surgeons that you might need help from.

6. What Is Your Current Patient Load?

Take the time to ask the dentist about their current patient load. Knowing the current state of their practice will let you know if they’re the right fit.

Choose a dentist that has the time to get your child an appointment whenever they need one. Speedy appointment availability is particularly important if your child needs emergency care.

Many dental practices plan slots of time for these situations throughout the week so that they’re always available. Doing business with a dental practice that is this organized will pay off for you throughout your child’s development.

7. What Is the Best Way to Communicate With You?

It’s also important to find a dentist that is responsive and easy to get in touch with. Ask what communication avenues your dentist prefers and how quickly they typically get back to patients.

Many dental practices today are embracing technology. You’ll likely get text reminders about your upcoming appointments, and many dental practices are starting to use chatbots and other kinds of artificial intelligence (AI).

The dental firm that is easy to get in touch with will always be best for your child’s pediatric dental care.

8. Ask About Their Overall Approach to Pediatric Dentistry

Make sure that you also learn about the dentist’s overall approach to their craft. Understanding how they go about their business will put your mind at ease.

You should also learn what ingredients they use and how they provide care to patients. With pediatric dental care, your child might have different sensibilities or needs.

Finding a dentist that has the patience and bedside manner needed to handle all your child’s visits.

Find a Quality Lexington Pediatric Dentist

These tips will serve you when you’re looking to hire a Lexington pediatric dentist that can assist you. Choosing a pediatric dental professional will allow your child to develop without issues.

We provide the best pediatric dental care around and would be glad to count your child among our newest patients.

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